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Dylan Duffus looks into the camera as Lady Leshurr takes a shot of vodka.

Our Story - 

Hard work, dedication and dreams

Kamo Premium Vodka was created by a small group of friends who were burned out on corporate environments and ready to carve out our own path. Whilst all the other vodka brands in the market portray the fabricated glitz & glamour, we wanted to represent what we stand for, the hard work, the hustle, the dedication to be the best but still keep it real and give the people a super premium quality vodka. Our vision was put into motion and the dream of Kamo Premium Vodka was launched. 

The Kamo vodka team sat at a table with kamo vodka and a throne

The Brand - 

Award winning innovative British Premium Vodka

Kamo Premium Vodka is an award winning innovative British premium vodka brand.

We believe we are the world's first camouflage inspired spirits range.

Our Products are instantly recognisable with our signature camouflage design, innovative products and we take great pride in not following trends but setting them!

Founded in 2021 in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Kamo Premium Vodka has seen unbelievable growth in such a short time frame.

Kamo vodka advertising on an advertising board in a shopping centre

The Liquid - 

A Master of its craft

At the forefront of everything we do, what matters to us the most is the quality of the liquid.

The unique taste and character of our vodkas is a celebration of research, technique and ingredients.


Kamo Premium Vodka are wheat based, produced in the U.K using 100% natural ingredients and are some of the smoothest spirits you will have the pleasure to taste.


Our production is based on the 9-7-3 formula; nine filtrations, seven distillations and three tastings.

The goal of the process is to ensure consistent, pure quality in every product and it seems to work because these are an impressive range of award winning vodka's.

Between the spring water and vodka filtering, the finished vodka is left with virtually no impurities to disrupt the taste. 

The Spirits business Global Spirits Master s award logo
Kamo original premium vodka being poured into a cup.
Logo for Forbes Worlds best vodkas

The Bottle - 

Eye-catching, unique and premium

Each of our 70cl bottles have their own unique character, blueprint and is made with the highest quality glass.

Every flavour has its own individual camouflage design that is instantly recognisable.

Premium French pewter label showcases our logo which again is different on each flavour.

Our attention to detail doesn't end there!

We use premium glass cork closures for our bottles, these closures are different, fresh and elegant.

Glass closures are proven for its reliability to retain colour, aroma and structure for an extended period of time.

Every flavour has its own customised closure,
100% recyclable and made from natural materials.

All flavours of Kamo premium vodka on a Kamo vodka expo stand.

The Pouch - 

Innovative, eco-conscious, perfect for on the

Kamo GO is our range of award winning flavoursome vodka's in our signature design but in a 25cl/250ml resealable pouch, perfect for on the GO!

Intended for the outdoor events market such as festivals these is unlike any other vodka product on the market today.

Kamo GO's are recyclable, resealable, unlikely to cause injury, made with eco-conscious packaging and weigh no more than 30grams.

Kamo GO's are made from rPET, the plastic content in rPET has been recycled, so the material is produced without exhausting natural resources making it a more sustainable choice.

Kamo Kiwi flavoured vodka Go pouch.
Go Kamo Pouch Logo

The Vodka Bomb - 

World's FIRST, 40% alc vol vodka bombs!

We here at Kamo Premium Vodka do things different, furthermore we like to be creative and fun, so we have produced our craziest product to date, the Kamo KABOOM!

Majority of the miniatures on the market are in the same old repetitious glass or plastic bottles, not the KABOOM!

You still get our award winning vodka's, our signature Kamo design but this time in a grenade shaped pouch with a 5cl shot.

Resealable and made with eco-conscious recycled packaging, making it a more sustainable choice whilst still retaining all the fun!

A Kamo Kaboom logo that looks like a comic book explosion
Kamo vodka Kaboom vodka bombs.
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